Tilcon SA is active in the field of aluminium. The extensive experience that characterizes the company in the field of aluminum and the experienced and qualified staff can tailor custom manufacturing solutions for each project, any special aluminum construction, frames, doors, glazing, pergolas, gladding, made with care and great attention to detail. It has its own R&D department and a state-of-the-art and automated production with CNC machines, in order to implement all client specifications and requirements, paying special attention to the smallest detail of each construction, with the primary objective of maximum customer satisfaction.

“The factory of TILCON SA is located in the industrial area of Nea Raidestos in Thessaloniki, in aacility with advanced manufacturing equipment and design, spanning 2700sq.m., which is continuously upgraded to incorporate the latest technological advancements.

The company provides continuous training to its staff, giving them the opportunity to evolve and experiment, to envision and love with the same passion the vision of TILCON SA.

TILCON SA covers a large share of the Greek market, successfully combining functionality, safety and aesthetics, always with solvency and reliability.


What we do

We consistently follow the doctrine of excellent quality and constantly adapt to new trends in technology and fashion.

A journey through the years


Establishment of the company in a small basement in Paleokomi Serres. The staff at that time was 4 people.


Purchase of the first machine - a single automatic saw.


The first machines for PVC frames were purchased and the company started its activity beyond the boundaries of Serres, in Drama, Kavala and Halkidiki.


Extension of the existing facilities by 50sqm and purchase of a PVC equipment unit


Additional space was acquired for the separation of aluminium and PVC production


An extension of 700sqm is carried out in the aluminium facilities in order to gather all of the production. Doubling of human resources to 8 persons


In the winter of 2015 the facilities are completed and in the summer of the same year the company's exhibition in Thermi in Thessaloniki is inaugurated. Thus begins the activity in the Thessaloniki market.


Relocation of the entire production to the industrial area of Nea Raidestos, where it is located until today.


The first automatic CNC machines arrive, with which the cutting and processing procedures are automated. The company's workforce counts 15 people.


An R&D department is created, staffed by mechanical engineers, who undertake the study of each project


A huge expansion of 1,600 sqm is carried out, reaching a total of 2,700 sqm


At the beginning of 2023, the construction of the new facilities is completed and the plant is equipped with two additional CNC processing machines. In September, the company initiated double glazing production. The workforce now consists of 32 people.


The company has expanded to a full-scale manufacturing operation, employs six mechanical engineers , as well as a site engineer to supervise all projects. It has an organized warehouse department for the management of products.


Why Tilcon SA?

Our company is dedicated to the manufacture of high quality frames that combine functionality and aesthetics. With years of experience in the industry, we continue to innovate and develop frames that fulfill the unique requirements and expectations of our customers.

With quality and reliability in the forefront, we select the best materials and use advanced manufacturing technologies to create products that stand out. Each window and door frame we design is meticulously crafted, incorporating aesthetics, safety and energy efficiency.

We rely on our expertise and professional team to provide the best service to our customers. From design and construction to installation and maintenance, we are here to provide customized solutions tailored to your needs and preferences.


Organisation Chart

The organization chart of our company is an illustration of our structure and responsibilities in the field of frame construction. Within this organizational framework, we have a dedicated team of professionals boasting expertise and hands-on experience across the entire production and distribution journey.

At the top of the organisational chart is the management, responsible for coordination and strategic decision making. This is followed by the research and development, design, production and quality control departments, which work closely together to develop and produce high-quality frames.

Our sales representatives and salespeople are responsible for sales and customer service, ensuring that our customers are provided with exceptional service and the right solutions for their needs.

The organizational chart also includes support departments, such as human resources, accounting and warehouse management, which play a critical role in the overall operation and efficiency of our company.

With our organizational chart, we seek to effectively organize, collaborate and coordinate all our departments to produce high quality frames and provide the best experience to our customers.


Mission & Goal

The mission of our company is to produce superior-grade aluminum window frames and provide excellent solutions for our customers. Through innovation, aesthetics and functionality, we create frames that match the needs and expectations of our customers.

Our goal is to become the preferred choice for every framing need. We offer customizable and versatile framing options that combine security, insulation, aesthetics and durability. With our high quality materials, advanced production technology and professional team, we guarantee to fulfill and surpass our customers’ satisfaction.

With our commitment to quality, innovation and excellence in project execution, we strive to build long-term trusting relationships with our customers. We are dedicated to providing reliable solutions, personalized service and an excellent experience for every customer who trusts our company for their construction needs.

Message from the President and CEO George Tilsizoglou:

In conditions of maximum economic instability, such as those we are experiencing today, what is required, among everything else, is a firm belief in a firm goal.

Therefore, we chose to invest in the our steadfast investment in our workforce and we enthusiastically created a new concept that is represented in the Greek market of Aluminium manufacturing.

We shared with our people the same strict quality standards, the same Greek principles and the same vision.

TILCON SA is already experiencing rapid growth and is the only company in Greece with automated processes that has invested strictly in digital transformation, which has set it apart.

We are all sure that very soon it will play a leading role in the Greek market and this energizes our team and reinforces our determination to continue, strictly adhering to the principles that distinguish us and strongly support the trust we have earned from our stakeholders.

I would like to thank all my colleagues for their daily contribution to the achievement of our goals and visions, fully committed to the demanding project we have undertaken.

President and CEO George Tilsizoglou