Albio 125C is distinguished for the timelessness of its design as well as for the excellent performance in the fields of thermal and sound insulation. Its aesthetics satisfies every demand, taking into consideration the advantage of the straight and curved sash combination.


Doors, windows and shop fronts. Fixed, tilt and turn, etc.

  • Aluminum Alloy:EN AW 6060Τ6, EN 15088:2005
  • Powder coating:According to the European standard Qualicoat
  • Anodising:According to the European standard Qualanod
  • Tolerance:EN 12020-2
  • Gaskets:EPDM / EPDM Foam
  • Chamber:Compatible with multiple locking mechanisms
  • Glazing Thickness:5-28mm
  • Thermal- Break:22 mm, 24 mm, 25mm (PA 6.6, 25%GF)
  • Air Permeability:Double sash window 1.40m X 2.20m: Class 4 (EN 1026:2000 / EN 12207:2000)
  • Thermal transmittance coefficient:2.5 – 5.1 W/(m2K) (EN 10077-2:2003-10)
  • Water Tightness:Double sash window 1.40m X 2.20m: Class Ε900 (EN 1027:2000 / EN 12208:2000)
  • Frame dimensions:Width 57.7-180mm, height 50.9mm
  • Sash dimensions:Width 66.2mm, height 78-102.2mm
  • Resistance to wind load:Double sash window 1.40m X 2.20m: Class C3 (EN 12211:2000 / EN 12210:2000)

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