Albio 127C Super Thermo is a new opening tilt and turn system with special polyamides, which enables the creation of exceptionally stylish frames without visible sashes. The system allows the installation of perimeter multi- locking mechanism offering the greatest security.

  • Aluminum Alloy:EN AW 6060Τ6, EN 15088:2005
  • Powder coating:According to the European standard Qualicoat
  • Anodising:According to the European standard Qualanod
  • Tolerance:EN 12020-2
  • Gaskets:EPDM / EPDM Foam
  • Chamber:Compatible with multiple locking mechanisms
  • Glazing Thickness:35mm
  • Thermal- Break:34mm (PA 6.6, 25%GF)
  • Air Permeability:Specimen dimensions: 1.40m X 1.40m : Class 4 (EN 12207:1999-11)
  • Water Tightness:Specimen dimensions: 1.40m X 1.40m : Class Ε900 (EN 12208:1999-11)
  • Frame dimensions:Width 76,5mm, height 72mm
  • Sash dimensions:Width 77,3mm, height 53,3mm
  • Resistance to wind load:Specimen dimensions: 1.40m X 1.40m : Class C4/B4 (EN 12210:1999-11/AC:2002-08)

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