The extended range of approved ConceptSystem 77-FP flush
doors is available for all inward and outward opening types.
This is realised with a full range of door locks and hinges to
meet every kind of locking demand, including fully
integrated solutions in building management systems.
Both single and double leaf doors are available up to a
maximum door leaf size of 1300 by 2750mm (and under
specific conditions even higher), and can be combined with
fixed glazing.

  • Thermal insulation (Best) – Uf 1.8 W/m²K
  • Thermal insulation – Uw 1.4 W/M²k
  • Air tightness Class 4 (600Pa)
  • Water tightness Class 7A (300Pa)
  • Wind load resistance Class C2 (800Pa) Acoustics – Rw(C;Ctr)
    42(-1;-4) dB
  • Durability Class 8 (1000000 cycles)
  • Burglar resistance RC2


    PAS 24
  • Impact resistance I5/E5
  • Fire resistance EI₁ 30 EI₂ 30 EI₂ 60 EW 30
  • Bullet resistance FB4 FSG FB6


* Performances and properties depend on size, profile combinations, hardware and infill choices

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