Bioclimatic aluminium pergola system with rotating louvers

EXALCO PERGOLA BIOCLIMATIC – C is an innovative shading sys¬tem with rotating louvers. It is entirely made of aluminium and offers protection from sunlight on sunny days as well as from rainwater or snow through its special drainage system.
The modern design in combination with the variety of colors that we provide as well as the possibility of adding different automated systems (LED lighting, rain, wind and snow sensors, etc.) makes Exalco Pergola an ideal solution to cover outdoor and semi-outdoor spaces in houses, hotel facilities, restaurants and cafés.
EXALCO PERGOLA BIOCLIMATIC – C is specifically studied and designed in a way to absorb any noise that might be caused during the movement of the louvers. This happens thanks to the use of a motorized system that permits the free movement of the louvers.
This quiet operation is achieved using precision-engineered motors and noise-dampening tires, which facilitate the smooth and silent movement of the louvers.
The movement of the blinds can be electrically adjusted from 0° to 100° to allow the full exploitation of the pergola in all weather conditions and to achieve the desired sunshine or air flow.


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