Albio 225 offers high insulation performance thanks to the thermal-breaking system, even on intense weather conditions. The sash and frame profiles come with 24mm polyamide bars. With 38mm sash width, the system offers excellent thermal insulation. A special feature of the system is the option of embedding a stainless steel rail into the frame profile for great functionality and durability. Its design includes two different patterns, flat and oval.


Windows, balcony doors, successive or built-in, etc.

  • Aluminum Alloy:EN AW 6060Τ6, EN 15088:2005
  • Powder coating:According to the European standard Qualicoat
  • Anodising:According to the European standard Qualanod
  • Tolerance:EN 12020-2
  • Gaskets:EPDM
  • Glazing Thickness:5-22mm
  • Scroll Guide:Stainless steel, polyamide
  • Thermal- Break:24mm (PA 6.6, 25%GF)
  • Air Permeability:Specimen dimensions: 1.40m X 2.20m: Class 3 (EN 1026:2000 / EN 12207:2000)
  • Thermal transmittance coefficient:3.1 – 5.1 W/(m2K) (EN 10077-2:2003-10)
  • Water Tightness:Specimen dimensions: 1.40m X 2.20m: Class 4A (EN 1027:2000 / EN 12208:2000)
  • Sash dimensions:Width 38mm, height 97mm
  • Resistance to wind load:Specimen dimensions: 1.40m X 2.20m: Class C4 (EN 12211:2000 / EN 12210:2000)

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